Ellen Petry Leanse

The Happiness Hack, Author, Coach, Keynote Speaker

Google, Facebook, Instagram, and the plethora of apps you turn to on your mobile device: all have hacked your brain without you even realizing it. Their experiences are explicity designed to “hook” and influence you. They decide what they want you to do and build the products that lure you in.

We all sense this is true. Our reliance on tech is changing our focus, our emotional states, and even the way we think. We feel less and less in charge – but what can we do? We’ve let those companies break into our system without really knowing it was happening. Our attention span is getting close to that of a goldfish. Disturbances in social behavior are becoming more and more obvious. And the bombardment of on-demand information, interruptive messages, and the need to “connect” on social media is actually leaving us feeling disconnected.

None of this is making us happier. The good news is: there are ways to get out of this cycle. We can regain happiness and get back in charge of those noises and disturbances.

On May 31st @Gondola Day, technology pioneer and author Ellen Petry Leanse will share her insights on how our senses are being altered by our use of tech. If you don’t like to wait, you can read her book “The Happiness Hack” – a brain-aware guide to bringing focus, purpose, and happiness back to your life. Ellen has been working at top global level for top Silicon Valley companies for more than 35 years. Today, she brings all she’s learned to her teaching at Stanford University, to her work as an executive coach, and – soon – to the Gondola Day stage. Join us for a powerful new look at your brain and your happiness – and learn new ways to make sense out of the confusion and get back in charge of the life you want.

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