Innovation & Customer Centricity

Frédéric Jadinon

bpost media
Head of Insights & Communication

Adtitude Tracker : Digging into advertising avoidance As consumers increasingly are looking for more control in their life, their attitude towards advertising is impacted as well. It’s therefore not a surprise if they are using many different ways to avoid advertising. This session will explore some key results of the first ‘Adtitude Tracker’, a survey developed with Deepblue and AQRate which measures the usage of avoidance techniques by media and identifies some key reasons of this behavior. It highlights also some key attitudes towards channels related to advertising content. Differences between media are real and illustrates how different can be the mindset of consumers when they get advertising messages. Another influential element for an impactful communication.

Frédéric Jadinon, Head of Insights Communication of bpost media, developed lot of projects aiming at better understanding the consumer experience towards advertising, and more specifically In-Home Advertising (direct mail and folders).

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